From November 15th 2018, Fantastic Animals will arrive in the hall: Grindelwald’s Crimes and we will return to the Wizarding World created by JK Rowling. Waiting to get back into the atmosphere, the most exciting moments in the Harry Potter saga? As you watch movies online you will be getting the perfect options now.

The Harry Potter saga Warner Bros Italy

Fantastic Animals: The Criminals of Grindelwald, the second of the five new adventures of Wizarding World created by JK Rowling, will be in Italian cinemas from 15 November 2018. For the occasion, Sky and Premium Cinema prepare us to re-enter the magical world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Animals with a marathon on November 10th and 11th.

In order to recreate the right atmosphere and return to breathe in Patronus spells, deadly spells like the Avada  Kedavra  and transform yourself with the Polisucco potions , a look at the 10 most exciting moments in the Harry Potter saga .

1. ‘You are a wizard Harry’ – Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone, 2001

The magic was not yet started but already the story of an orphan forced to sleep in a basement, deprived of any slight gesture of affection had won us over. How can you not empathize with an 11-year-old boy who has already passed many and despite everything keeps a look full of hope behind his broken glasses?

If then the night of July 31, his birthday, a good giant arrives with a cake and a new life on the horizon, then it is inevitable to get excited. “You’re a wizard Harry,” Hagrid tells him, and suddenly the word redemption resonates silently. At the end of his 11th year, Harry Potter discovers his destiny, his nature, the love of his parents but above all he finally understands that he is special and unique.

2. The Mirror of the Brame – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, 2001

In his first year at Hogwarts’ school of magic and witchcraft Harry Potter comes across the Mirror of the Brame , what the headmaster Albus Dumbledore later explains to him has the property to show “what we want most deeply and most irresistibly in our heart”.

There is nothing else that Harry would like more than knowing his parents. The meeting of imaginary glances between the little wizard and his parents through that mirror of desires is a scene that enters you and does not abandon you anymore.

3. The flying machine – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, 2002

The lovers of the Wizarding World created by JK Rowling’s pen know very well that there are very few parts that the writer has reserved for the ordinary life moments of the protagonists, especially those with the muggy features. And that’s why one of the most memorable moments of the saga is that of Ron and Harry’s journey to Hogwarts aboard a Ford Anglia modified years ago by Ron’s Arthur Weasley, in order to fly and become invisible. Open 123movies now to get the best details for these movies now.