Solo queuing is a good option to start off League of Legends and once when you are used to the game you might realize that there is more to it than just battling it out on the map. As you get ranked and acquire more champions whilst improving your account as a whole, you might discern that your progress is comparatively slower than your peers. Encountering smurfs or trolls would be an unlucky turn of events and if the worse comes you might get demoted in ranks for losing too many LP points. What different have other summoners been doing? It is nothing else than lolduo queuing.

Why should you go for duo queuing?

Playing lolduo has proven to be productive. It might be tough to find an ideal partner but eventually, you will end up making a lot of friends and going on a winning streak. A Reddit user, Iridar51 shares his gameplay experience and how lolduo helped him from climbing high Gold to Diamond V in a single season. To brief his experience, playing with higher ranked summoners made him face higher ranked opponents and made him learn a lot about the game statistics and the strategies to be employed. The user eventually climbed and gained enough ranks to outgrow his duo partners.

What else could be gained out of it?

The other advantages that duo queuing offers:

  • When you lolduo with a lower ranked summoner, you are pitted against lower ranked opponents, because of the combined effect of MMR and hence, you score an easy win.
  • Efficient coordination and implementation of strategies can increase your win rate and you can easily glide through the rankings.
  • In the promotion series, the risk is reduced and it is easier to climb up the ladder. It is necessary to maintain a certain percentage of wins to get promoted and with a duo partner who has already been through the process, you will have to face less trouble.
  • More experienced players know more and can help you teach and learn more about the statistics and strategies of the game.

Indeed, duo queuing forms a great part of enhancing your account. You might not have champions for an all-out attack and this can be overcome by choosing a partner with complimentary champions. Also, the division of map between more players makes it easy to monitor progress during the game.