Many people may have the doubt regarding what is MRE?   Meals ready to eat is complete meal. One MRE is equal to one meal. In order to withstand the special conditions and circumstance meals ready to eat is designed and packed safely.  Inside an MRE bag entrees and food varieties and drinks will be available. These type of packing is done to withstand the rough conditions. XMRE Meals comes with different varieties of packing with affordable price and different varieties.

MRE foods: MRE is the operational food for military personnel.  The components available in the MRE can be found easily through listing. XMRE Meals makes changes every year and the change in the menu can be found in the listing every year. MRE includes the main course which is termed as Entrée. The items available in the main course include meat. The main course is followed by the side dish. Side dish includes fruits, mashed potatoes, rice and corn. Bread, peanut  butter, and cheese spread are also included in the MRE. Cookies and cakes are available in the desert. Tea, coffee, diary shakes and drink mixes and cocoa are the part of beverages. In order to heat the food flameless heaters are available. Apart from the above items MRE bags also contain accessories such as matches, toilet paper, sugar, salt and chewing gum. Approximately 1,250 calories are offered on each MRE bag. Three such MRE complete the meals for one day.

MRE Usage Duration: The life time of meals ready to eat is three years. The life span can be ensured when they are stored in 80 F. Based on the temperatures they are stored MRE life span can be increased or decreased. When the food is stored at high temperatures MREs will last for shorter durations. Meals ready to eat can also be stored for longer durations. Based on the time and temperature indicators the food inspectors will determine whether the MREs are good. The time and temperature indicators will be available outside the bag of the MRE.

Way to consume MRE: Meals ready to eat can be consumed directly without heating. When it comes to beverages adding water to the drink shakes will add more taste. Main course and side dish can be consumed cold. MRE will taste better by adding hot water or by heating with flameless heater.

Meals ready to eat which are utilized for military personnel will not be available for general public. These MREs manufactured will only be utilized for military personnel. Military MRE will not be supplied for civilians. People going for adventures can opt for civilian MRE which are nearly similar to the military MREs. The calories offered are nearly Same. The accessories available in the civilian MRE will be similar to that of military MRE.